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Moving Forward is the weekly podcast and radio show featuring Young Voices contributors on a wide range of topics. Young Voices is a non-profit PR agency and talent firm for students and young professionals in policy. Each week on Moving Forward, four Young Voices contributors join host Bryan Hyde for a 10-minute conversation about politics, policy, news and current affairs. Topics range from free-market environmentalism to hyperinflation, confronting China to descheduling marijuana, and educational freedom to junk in outer space!

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3 days ago

The issue of student loan forgiveness continues to be a sore spot for many. Tyler Curtis points out that if we're serious about reforming student loans, requiring a down payment would be a good starting point. The pushback against teaching Critical Race Theory in public schools is growing. Torben Halbe shares his thoughts on how to create effective opposition to CRT. With the passing of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, it's fitting to recognize the impact of her leadership as a woman. Sophia Worringer reminds us that Her Majesty the Queen was proudly feminine, but not a modern feminist.   Energy development in the U.S. is a long uphill climb right now. Quinn Townsend says, there's hope but without states involvement in the permitting process, reform won't be as effective.   Website: Young-Voices

Tuesday Sep 20, 2022

The public education system continues to be a battleground for political elections. Peyton Lofton explains how Florida's gubernatorial race has intensified with candidate Charlie Crist's selection of a teacher's union rep as his running mate.   These days it seems like election posturing and campaigning goes on for far too long. Theo Burman says the U.S. could learn a thing or two from British election brevity.     America's debt crisis is leaving its mark on most of the population. Neetu Arnold joins us to discuss why forgiving student loan debt doesn't solve the crisis and she offers some solid advice on what would solve it.   It's fall and once again there's a hint of antitrust legislation in the air. David McGarry describes what's behind Washington D.C.'s antitrust gambit and why it's a bad idea.   Website: Young-Voices

Tuesday Sep 13, 2022

On the one hand, it's nice to have someone looking after you. On the other hand, as Leslie Corbly explains, the troubling rise of surveillance cities could spell trouble.   Bail reform has been a priority for some time in Kentucky. However, it doesn't have to come at the expense of public safety. Erinn Broadus explains why.   Among the many claims made by those who pushed and passed the Inflation Reduction Act, is the claim that the IRA will cut carbon emissions by 40%. Ethan Brown says, not so fast there.   The prospect of China invading Taiwan has many world leaders feeling nervous. Benjamin Coates spells out why Britain's navy is woefully unprepared for such a move on China's part.   Website: Young-Voices

Tuesday Sep 06, 2022

Bitcoin can be a polarizing topic but there's an environmental challenge where it may be able to provide a serious solution. Eric Peterson explains how bitcoin mining can help solve America's orphaned well problem.   There are lots of homebrewers out there who love to brew their own beer. Caleb Franz makes the case that distilling bourbon at home should be legal just like brewing craft beer.   Many policies instituted in Washington D.C. seem to accomplish the exact opposite of what their name would imply. Amanda Griffiths says the Inflation Reduction Act will hurt the economy and the environment.   The only thing more staggering than the amount of spending that Congress has been doing is the advanced age of many of its members. Andrew Donaldson describes how the gerontocracy has been going on a spending spree.   Website: Young-Voices

Tuesday Aug 30, 2022

For all the emphasis that the Biden administration is putting on climate change, most of their policies have simply resulted in lowering our standard of living. As Tyler Duvelius explains, the real clean energy champions are found in the states, not D.C.   A financial day of reckoning has arrived but few politicians seem willing to acknowledge the truth. Eugene Ralph Jr. explains why a recession is necessary, though unwelcome.    With skyrocketing energy costs, the stakes are getting higher in the upcoming U.K. elections. Calum Paton says it's time to put an end to the Tory leadership contest.   Authoritarian regimes are exporting repression. Kareem Rifai wonders, will the West stand up for the rights of citizens?    Website: Young-Voices

Tuesday Aug 23, 2022

If Germany is the poster child for green energy efforts, it's safe to say that the kid isn't doing too well. Felix Hosse explains why Germany's energy policy is a non-nuclear meltdown.   This has been a year of epic Supreme Court cases and there's one more case that could make serious waves if the Court were to revisit it. Neetu Arnold describes a novel plan to reduce student debt.     A lot of eyes are fixed on the race to see who will become the next U.K. Prime Minister. Noah Khogali points out what this particular race means for the Scottish independence movement.   Amazon's recent acquisition of iRobot has a lot of people talking. Caden Rosenbaum says consumers will be winners in the end.    Website: Young Voices

Tuesday Aug 16, 2022

The Supreme Court has been pretty consistent in rolling back gun control laws lately. Cody Wisniewski asks, now that SCOTUS has made it easier to throw out anti-gun laws, which will be the next to go?   Governments around the world have enacted numerous encroachments on their citizens lately. Mike Viola notes that excessive regulations make us less prepared for true crises and wonders how long before the citizens push back?   The drug war in the U.S. has been going on for 5 decades now. Finesse Moreno-Rivera says, black American casualties are the highest in this country's war on drugs.   The Inflation Reduction Act seems to have a little something for everyone--including electric vehicle owners. Quinn Townsend explains why beefing up EV tax credits won't help change the climate.   Website: Young Voices

Tuesday Aug 09, 2022

The current war against vaping is prompting certain lawmakers to pull out all the stops in their quest to protect young people. Elijah Gullett notes that banning vape shops near churches won't stop kids from vaping.   Electing accountable leaders is a desirable goal. Scott Cresswell says Britain can learn from presidential primaries when it comes to electing party leaders.   The "do something" mentality is very evident in Congress these days. Danielle Zanzalari explains why the passage of the CHIPS Act is not an economically wise thing to do.    Easing our financial pain may not be a high priority for Congress at the moment but there are some things they can do, like repealing tariffs. Christopher Schlak says dependency on China is bad but tariffs are worse.   Website: Young Voices

Tuesday Aug 02, 2022

There's a growing bit of unrest throughout the world over environmental restrictions being placed on farmers. Torben Halbe explains the all-natural death of Sri Lanka as a result of its enforced "organic" policies.   Was the Declaration of Independence a cynical lie written by a self-serving slave owner? Or was it the beginning of the end for slavery in the U.S.? Austin Lamb gives us a peek behind the Declaration and its meaning.   Should those who choose not to have children be penalized for their choice? Ben Cope says the solution to an aging population is to create an environment where people actually want to have children.   The filibuster has been a time-honored tradition in America's political tradition, yet the majority party seems determined to get rid of it. Charles Brandt gives a solid accounting of why this tool is an important part of legislative deliberation.   Website: Young Voices

Tuesday Jul 26, 2022

It's fashionable for celebrities to talk down America as someplace for which we should feel shame. Alexander Jelloian says America is great, despite what celebrities may tell us.   West Virginia's recently passed Hope Scholarship legislation has been stalled by an injunction that will limit educational opportunities for children across the state. Jessica Dobrinsky joins us to explain why West Virginia is losing hope.   Lawmakers in the West have been working to incentivize water conservation to help protect a dwindling supply. Micah Safsten says Utah's drought should be reflected in the price of water.   Our current economic hardships aren't being helped by tariffs. Amanda Griffiths notes that Biden is inching toward the right move on tariffs but likely for the wrong reasons.   Website: Young Voices

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