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Moving Forward is the weekly podcast and radio show featuring Young Voices contributors on a wide range of topics. Young Voices is a non-profit PR agency and talent firm for students and young professionals in policy. Each week on Moving Forward, four Young Voices contributors join host Bryan Hyde for a 10-minute conversation about politics, policy, news and current affairs. Topics range from free-market environmentalism to hyperinflation, confronting China to descheduling marijuana, and educational freedom to junk in outer space!

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5 days ago

One of the biggest divides among Republicans has been seen in their approach to foreign policy. Juan Villasmil says, sorry necons, Republican voters are done with your foreign policy options.
New Zealand has reversed its decision to ban smoking altogether. Sofia Hamilton warns California to pay attention to why New Zealand has walked their policy back.
When it comes to weaponizing federal bureaucracies against the American people, it turns out that Republicans and Democrats can work together. Ben Ayanian shares his thoughts on why this is a dangerous bit of bipartisanship.
One of the few positive developments from the covid response was the part of the CARES Act that allowed certain prisoners to finish their sentences under home confinement. Sarah Anderson says the Senate should codify, not reject, this policy.
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Tuesday Nov 28, 2023

Some pundits are saying that our money supply is too loose and could use some tightening. Alexander Salter explains why, actually, money is pretty tight right now.
Last month, the U.S. withdrew its support for key digital trade demands during World Trade Organization talks. Nathalie Voit says the Biden administration is standing down to WTO protectionism.
Does Utah State University's student code restrict students' right to free speech? Collin Lamborn believes it does and proposes a revision.
Argentina's newly elected president is making headlines around the world. Joseph Bouchard says Javier Milei's win is a win for the U.S. as well.
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Tuesday Nov 21, 2023

U.S. labor law is pitting unions against workers. Mike Viola explains how leaving a union has become a grande-sized headache.
A lot of progress has been made with regards to women's rights throughout the world. Adimula Bukola reports that Nigerian women face a steep climb for gender equality.
A number of GOP presidential hopefuls are supporting an end to birthright citizenship for children born to undocumented immigrants. Laura Pabello says the American economy needs birthright citizenship.
Arizona is considering repealing its right-to-work law. Peter Clark explains how this could lead to individuals being forced to join unions and pay dues.
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Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

Too often, we are given an either/or choice when it comes to using natural resources or caring for the environment. Sarah Montalban makes the case that federal regulations are making it impossible for Alaska to develop its natural resources.
Why does anti-semitism appear to be on the rise worldwide? Aaron Pomerantz says the roots can be found in toxic empathy.
The federal crop insurance program was curiously unaffected by the expiration of the latest version of the Farm Bill. Nicholas Thielman notes that reforming federal crop insurance will require paying off the losers.
Reform has been introduced that will affect how the U.S. government conducts surveillance of its citizens. James Czerniawski says this is a good beginning for a necessary reform of the government's surveillance powers.
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Tuesday Nov 07, 2023

The current division over the conflict in Gaza has spilled over into American politics. Grace Bydalek explains how BLM support for Hamas reveals some intriguing commonalities.
Do America's education woes stem from a lack of money? Garion Frankel pulls back the curtain on the ugly truths of school finance and the trade offs that must be considered.
Fears about weaponized AI may be unfounded, in part. Dylan Dean describes how AI is a gun, not a nuke.
Free speech is under increasing attack in Great Britain. Harrison Griffiths shares how the British free speech slippery slope has become a cliff.
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Tuesday Oct 31, 2023

Addressing drug abuse requires more than just prohibition. Rachel Johnson explains why the U.S. should follow Glasgow's lead and remove barriers to overdose prevention centers.
AOC has been vocal lately about removing economic sanctions against Venezuela. Eric Suarez grew up in Venezuela and tells us what AOC needs to understand.
How would you react to your municipal officials using taxpayer money to hire lobbyists for your city? Caroline Welton explains the reality of this practice in Austin, Texas.
With a global AI summit taking place in London, it would be a good idea for these global leaders to make room at the table for China. Alex Petropoulos lays out why China's participation matters. 
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Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

The effects of federal involvement with farming are being felt in the wake of the recent near shut down. Ganon Evans says the best way to make the current Farm Bill effective is to remove anything wasteful.
Lasting answers to homelessness require a bit more than simply throwing some money at it. Noah Gould explains why cash transfers are no solution to the homeless.
Should overpopulation be a major concern in regards to climate change? Benjamin Khoshbin says increasing the birth rate is critical to combating climate change.
With another general election just a year away, there's growing attention being focused on the electoral college. Parker McCumber says it's an essential part of safeguarding the Republic and the Constitution.
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Tuesday Oct 17, 2023

Free healthcare for everyone is an eye-catching promise but comes with some drawbacks. Connor Vasile says the United States shouldn't imitate the U.K.'s nationalized approach.
Politicians have long turned a blind eye to China's ongoing abuse of civil rights and surveillance activities. Ian Ching explains how American academia is helping to fund genocide and China's campus surveilllance.
California recently decided to overhaul its math education framework. Arman Sidhu describes why the new framework could use a history lesson.
Now that 38 states have some form of legal cannabis, there is even more pressure to revisit federal laws that keep cannabis illegal. Sarah Anderson says the marijuana industry status quo is untenable.
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Tuesday Oct 10, 2023

Technology issues are a clear dividing point between the U.S. and China. Leo Plumer suggests that the U.S. use prudence in striking a balance with China.
In the recent GOP debate, Nikki Haley had a strong showing. Andrew Sandstrom notes that she may have won the debate but wonders if she can win the nomination.
Immigration is sure to be a big issue in the upcoming general election. Laura Paola Flores Pabello says Florida's immigration law may disrupt key industries in that state.
When lawmakers stage a walkout that disrupts a legislative session, it can come with a high price. Ben Snead advises that the walkouts are worth it, even if it costs Republicans elections.
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Tuesday Oct 03, 2023

The choice between green energy and domestic jobs doesn't have to be an either/or situation. Alyssa Norris explains how clean energy depends on domestic resources and the American worker.
Green policies are playing an ever larger role in political races. Ben Cribbin shares four such policies that could win Labour votes in Britain.
Gen Z will be a growing influence in next year's presidential election. Jonas Du says Trump and the GOP are a negative to younger voters and explains how Republicans could appeal to them.
Carbon-free electricity is being actively sought by at least 22 state governors. Ben Garbedian describes how nuclear power could help Illinois lead out in that quest.
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