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Moving Forward is the weekly podcast and radio show featuring Young Voices contributors on a wide range of topics. Young Voices is a non-profit PR agency and talent firm for students and young professionals in policy. Each week on Moving Forward, four Young Voices contributors join host Bryan Hyde for a 10-minute conversation about politics, policy, news and current affairs. Topics range from free-market environmentalism to hyperinflation, confronting China to descheduling marijuana, and educational freedom to junk in outer space!

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5 days ago

Mainstream media is suffering from a severe deficit of trust among the viewing public. Jorge Velasco relates how CNN+ is another sign of a crumbling legacy media.   With so many aspects of our culture disappearing down the memory hole, we can still learn from the memorials that remain. For instance, Grace Bydalek explains how cemeteries remind us of the importance of religion.   Why does the U.S. have such a large prison population compared to other, less free, countries? It's because many people can't afford to post bail. Corey Walker says it's time to eliminate cash bail to stop punishing the poor.   Immigration policy is a source of frustration for people on all sides of the political spectrum. Michael Holmes reminds us that there are reasons for hope in immigration policy.   Website: Young Voices

Tuesday May 17, 2022

City officials who are looking to make their cities more livable for more residents need to consider reforming one of the most misguided planning ideas. Thomas Irwin explains the case against parking minimums.   When it comes to fighting crime, bail reform is an often overlooked remedy. Jason Reed says bail reform is good for law and order.  Those tasked with public safety sometimes seek to find ways to evade the constitutional limits on their power. Leslie Corbly spells out why sometimes the public needs protection from public safety agencies.   Politicians seem eager to forgive student loan debt while ignoring bigger problems within higher education. Sean Themea recommends that they cancel the higher education cartel, not student debt.   Website: Young Voices

Tuesday May 10, 2022

Regulatory sandboxes are catching on across the nation. Lindsay Keiser has a great take on why our quest for energy innovation should include a regulatory sandbox. Is there a place for nuclear power and hydropower in our future? Jakob Puckett says America's clean energy stalwarts are finally getting the attention they deserve.   Just a couple of weeks ago the world just celebrated Earth Day. Jeff Luse explains how if we want to make a difference environmentally, we should embrace economic freedom.   We're all getting a good lesson in how energy security is national security right now. Christopher Barnard has the reasons why America needs to win the clean energy arms race.   Website: Young Voices

Tuesday May 03, 2022

The change shortage started during the Covid-19 pandemic but it's still an issue in many places. Nicholas Anthony says Americans want change and private mints are the solution.   It's astonishing how many states have relaxed their restrictions on marijuana in the past 10 years. Adam Shepardson explains why the federal government should be taking notes from states like Oklahoma.   Striking a balance between privacy and security is a necessity with recent technological advances. Jane Bambauer says letting police access Google location data can help solve crimes.   Free speech has been under attack lately but there are reasons to be optimistic. Benjamin Ayanian explains how Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter is giving free speech some needed life support.   Website: Young Voices

Tuesday Apr 26, 2022

There's a lot of action right now in the Big Tech sector that merits a closer look. Andy Jung explains how the shifting sands in the tech sector provide a curious mix of opportunity and danger.   Why are GOP lawmakers getting squishy on the issue of school choice? Cooper Conway explains why Republicans should support school choice in Iowa.   One of the biggest lessons learned from the Covid pandemic is that obesity was a serious risk for those who caught the virus. Kenneth Schrupp joins us to discuss waging war on obesity.   The prospect of further NATO expansion is playing into the current conflict in Ukraine. Roy Mathews says neutrality is over and Finland's future is with NATO.   Website: Young Voices

Tuesday Apr 19, 2022

Caleb Franz brings history to life in his Profiles In Liberty podcast. Today he joins us to celebrate Patriots' Day and other notable dates & personalities in American history.   The Biden administration's failure to enact greater top-down health care reform isn't necessarily a reason to lament. Elise Amez-Droz explains why no news is good news.   The desire to protect children from the darker corners of technology may be well-intentioned but it also creates problems. Eric Peterson says filtering bills won't solve the problems.   What happens when your child's school shifts its focus from teaching reading to teaching about finding one's authentic self? Gary Frankel explains why the Austin, Texas school district's reading scores are so awful.   Website: Young Voices

Tuesday Apr 12, 2022

Anyone who is paying attention to world events is getting an education in the good and bad aspects of foreign policy. Timothy Santon has a few thoughts to share on China and Russia's hypocritical foreign policy.    Government spending seems to have been greatly increasing over the past few years. Agustin Forzani warns that the U.S. should be careful about increasing defense spending.   Getting back to a society that isn't subject to mask mandates seems like a never-ending process. Grace Bydalek explains how the mask mandate drawdowns are political games.   Permitless carry of personal firearms is the next frontier for defending Second Amendment rights. Gabriella Hoffman lays out why Constitutional carry isn't a fringe policy.    Website: Young Voices

Tuesday Apr 05, 2022

The conflict in Ukraine is making it clear that national security is connected to energy independence. Kat Dwyer explains why it's time to increase domestic energy production.   Universal health care sounds like a great idea but it's not without its downsides. Mark Bewley says Australian health care during Covid shows the problem with Medicare for all.    The preferences of rural vs. urban voters become very clear whenever redistricting arises. Tex Fischer describes how, in Ohio, Democrats' hypocrisy is being exposed.   The federal government seems very interested in keeping an eye on us. Leslie Corbly says the latest CIA data shows the clear need for privacy protections.    Website: Young Voices

Tuesday Mar 29, 2022

The past two years have been filled with examples of overuse and abuse of emergency powers. Benjamin Ayanian says Justin Trudeau's actions, particularly, have given us an invaluable reminder of the fragility of freedom.   Immigration concerns remain high for many Americans. Instead of hyper-focusing on the Southern border alone, Michael Holmes recommends taking a closer look at creating more options for the Northern Triangle.   Is Mexico sliding into an authentic dictatorship under president Obrador? Gabriel Salazar Sing says, Obrador needs to be watched closely.   The current anti-vaping movement is falling prey to political manipulation. Jason Reed explains how Michael Bloomberg and the WHO are doing great damage in the name of public health.   Website: Young Voices

Tuesday Mar 22, 2022

Every nation that is dependent on Russian oil is feeling the crunch right now. Corey Walker explains how the U.S. can fight Russia with fracking.    Inflation is an undeniable reality in most of our lives right now. Jack Salmon explains how the Federal Reserve has failed in its inflation mandate.   Central Bank Digital Currencies are on the minds of bankers and citizens alike. Santiago Varela shares his insights on how the Fed has finally spoken regarding CBDCs.   A good example of the scarcity mindset can be seen in the California Environmental Quality Act. Thomas Irwin makes the case that it's time to reform CEQA.   Website: Young Voices

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