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Moving Forward is the weekly podcast and radio show featuring Young Voices contributors on a wide range of topics. Young Voices is a non-profit PR agency and talent firm for students and young professionals in policy. Each week on Moving Forward, four Young Voices contributors join host Bryan Hyde for a 10-minute conversation about politics, policy, news and current affairs. Topics range from free-market environmentalism to hyperinflation, confronting China to descheduling marijuana, and educational freedom to junk in outer space!

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17 hours ago

Wisconsin is considering a flat tax proposal and it's generating a fair amount of controversy. Miranda Spindt says if the flat tax is paired with the right policies, it could result in a tax system that benefits everyone.
The Federal Trade Commission's plan to ban non-compete agreements may not be as helpful to workers as some think. Jeremiah Ludwig explains how such a policy could keep pizza delivery guys shuttling pies for life.
School districts are considering a variety of ways to recruit and keep good teachers. Sofia Hamilton says these districts need a lesson on economics if they wish to avoid unintended consequences.
Civilian nuclear energy is a growing possibility in the quest for clean, affordable energy. Benjamin Khoshbin lays out how the U.S. can use nuclear energy exports to deter Russia and China.
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Tuesday Jan 31, 2023

The recently averted rail strikes in America were threatened, in part, because of concerns over rail worker safety. Roy Matthews says the Federal Railroad Administration pursues non-sequiturs over safety.
The online safety of children is worth taking seriously. Alex Petropoulos cautions that it's something that should be trusted to parents rather than Mark Zuckerberg.
With the financial pinch that nearly everyone is feeling, tax relief could provide a welcome break to consumers and energy sector businesses. Jeff Luse makes the case that pro growth tax policies could bolster domestic energy security and spur innovation.
Gene technology is sometimes portrayed as a threat to the environment. Torbin Halbe begs to differ and explains how, like America, Europe should use gene technology to save its trees.
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Tuesday Jan 24, 2023

Anyone who's taken a DNA test has likely wondered how secure their DNA is. Leslie Corbly weighs in on who owns your DNA and why the state should tread carefully.
The U.S. government has directed significant military aid to Ukraine and has made similar promises to the government of Taiwan. Zachary Yost says U.S. policymakers must remember that Taiwan is not Ukraine.
Transgender ideology is taking aim at long dead historical figures to rewrite history with a more inclusive slant. Elizabeth Grace Matthew says author Louisa May Alcott was not a man, she was a woman ahead of her time. 
When information was requested from the Kentucky governor's office regarding covid school closures, the governor denied most of those requests. Jared Crawford explains that the question now is whether the governor violated the Open Records Act.
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Tuesday Jan 17, 2023

When a high profile event occurs, it's a near certainty that politicians will feel an overwhelming urge to legislate. Benjamin Ayanian explains why the urge to legislate lives loudly within politicians. 
Institutions best serve society when they stick to their defined tasks. David McGarry describes how Blackrock's failures are a warning for all institutions.
The CDC has updated its opioid guidelines but pain patients are somehow left out in the cold. Peter Pischke breaks down the reasons why the new guidelines are mainly for show.
Even virtual reality isn't safe from the ambitions of federal regulators. Caden Rosenbaum has the details on FTC Chairwoman Lina Kahn's war on gaming. 
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Tuesday Jan 10, 2023

School systems across the nation are seeing declining reading scores in 4th graders. Sara Montalbano says, in Alaska, poor reading scores reflect more on flawed teaching methods than pandemic measures.
Agriculture and climate policies are increasingly in conflict. Quinn Townsend explains why funding agriculture research is a win for the climate. 
We don't seem to hear much about individuals doing truly heroic things these days. Scott Newman shares a few of the insights he gained from a recent interview with a human rights activist.
Many libertarians are frustrated by the ongoing difficulty they have in gaining traction in elections. Mike Viola says they'd be wise to take a political lesson from Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.
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Tuesday Jan 03, 2023

Doomsayers have been blaming overpopulation for the impending destruction of the planet for more than 2 centuries. Ethan Brown says overpopulation isn't the issue and saying so is wrong and damaging.
Few of us want to eat bugs, yet we wonder if environmentally friendly sources of food are worth exploring. Micah Safsten explains how cultured meat, not plant-based meat, is the future of environmentally conscious food.
Energy issues are front and center for the member nations of NATO. Roy Matthews warns that NATO must guard against Russian sabotage in Norway's pipeline network.
There's no doubt that TikTok is popular among kids. Garion Frankel lays out the reasons why teachers should resist the urge to use the platform to reach their students. 
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Tuesday Dec 20, 2022

In many ways, police have become the punching bag of public services. Sophia Worringer says, let the police strike and we just might appreciate their worth. 
When President Biden offered student debt forgiveness a few weeks ago, the courts had to step in and remind him that he lacks authority to do so. Charles Brandt explains the legal doctrine that saved the taxpayers from paying those student loans.
Reining in Big Tech is on a lot of people's minds right now. Sarah Montalbano advises that decentralization is a better approach than asking Big Government to do the job.
The collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency is now the subject of a Congressional investigation. James Czerniawski shares some of the major takeaways from a recent House hearing.
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Tuesday Dec 13, 2022

Proponents of gun control are resorting to rhetorical sleight of hand to sway public opinion in their direction. Cody Wisniewski explains how gun control advocates have adopted the 'everything we don't like is a loophole' mantra.
Both parties have their doubts about our election system. Amanda Griffiths notes that we need to address the real barriers to election integrity.
Higher education is falling on tough times these days. Mike Viola spells out how education is more expensive and less valuable than ever.
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Tuesday Dec 06, 2022

Ready or not, the age of the electric vehicle is coming and states like California are making it official. Ethan Brown explains why EVs aren't a silver bullet for California's clean energy future.
The 2024 election is still the better part of two years away. Grace Bydalek wonders, why are NYC Young Republicans already endorsing Donald Trump?
How does legalising certain drugs reduce the risk for those who use them? Jack Rowlett spells out why legalising ecstasy should be a drug policy priority.
The midterm elections made it clear that American votes are not happy. Benjamin Ayanian says the midterms have highlighted a failing duopoly and the need for reform.
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Tuesday Nov 29, 2022

A common objection to school choice is the claim that it will harm rural school districts by diverting students and funds from smaller schools. Alexander Salter explains why rural districts have nothing to fear and much to gain from school choice.
The student debt crisis has plenty of politicians lining up to provide their pet solutions. Thomas Irwin says, if you want to fix the student debt crisis, stop superfluous grad school requirements. 
No matter how unfeasible a particular utopian policy may be, they tend to die hard. Torben Halbe spells out why carbon neutrality is a pipe dream.
A looming rail strike that's set to begin on December 9 could add yet another layer of difficulty to our lives. Andrew Donaldson weighs in on the likely consequences if the strike takes place.
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