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Moving Forward is the weekly podcast and radio show featuring Young Voices contributors on a wide range of topics. Young Voices is a non-profit PR agency and talent firm for students and young professionals in policy. Each week on Moving Forward, four Young Voices contributors join host Bryan Hyde for a 10-minute conversation about politics, policy, news and current affairs. Topics range from free-market environmentalism to hyperinflation, confronting China to descheduling marijuana, and educational freedom to junk in outer space!

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5 days ago

Immigration has long been a hot button issue and a political football. Hunter Thomas says, there's a consensus on immigration, if only our leaders could also agree. 
Among the various controversies dogging former president Donald Trump, the claim of presidential immunity has been particularly notable. Sam Underhill explains why we don't need to treat our president like a king.
One of the big questions that attends the possibility of Trump being re-elected is what his policy toward China will be. Jordan McGillis says that depends upon whose advice Trump will lean.
Our national parks are sometimes considered "America's best idea." Madison Yablonski warns that we might be loving our national parks a bit too much.

Tuesday Jun 04, 2024

When politicians spend other people's money, we're expected to treat such expenditures as a kind of blessing bestowed upon us by the political class. Susannah Barnes says those government spending sprees hurt more than they help.
The pushback against the Electoral College has been growing for many years. Jacob Posik explains why the state of Maine made a huge mistake in adopting the Popular Vote Compact.
Young Voices contributors make waves in a number of different ways. Frances Floresca joins us to talk about her opportunities as a mother and school choice advocate running for Miss USA.
Argentinian president Javier Milei is on a lot of people's radar screens these days. Augustina Vergara Cid explains how Melei is either Argentina's liberator or a libertarian paradox.

Monday May 27, 2024

School choice is slowly but surely gaining traction across America as parents organize to seek out competitive education alternatives for their kids. Alexander Salter breaks down the ways to escape the parent trap of public school funding.
If you were asked to name some things needed to improve public schools for students, a ban on cell phones and vaping in class likely wouldn't be your first thoughts. Daniel Dorman has a great take on what would actually improve public schools.
ESG activists in the corporate sphere aren't exactly shy about operating independently of reality. Isaac Willour points out that the current ESG divestment pushes aren't just aimed at Israel, they're coming after America too.

Tuesday May 21, 2024

The European Union isn't shy about exercising a great deal of regulatory control of technology companies. Sam Raus says let's not mimic the EU's tech tyranny in the U.S.
Part of having a vibrant and growing economy means having access to reliable, affordable power. Jordan McGillis says Taiwan's president-elect Lai needs to rethink his nuclear shutdown plan.
After the 2020 election, some conservatives have serious misgivings about mail-in ballots. Samuel Underhill explains why there's no need to fear them.
Many colleges and universities have cancelled or greatly scaled back their graduation ceremonies due to ongoing campus protests. David Mendoza describes how colleges became incubators for antisemitism.

Tuesday May 14, 2024

The Chicago Transit Authority has had its challenges. Mickey Horstman says the key to CTA's recovery is boosting business, not taxes.
So much of the protesting taking place on college and university campuses in America is based in a sense of perpetual victimhood. Lexi Boccuzzi says we could learn something about avoiding a victim mindset from our Jewish peers.
The hardcore antisemitism that has plagued so many institutions of higher learning isn't being driven by students alone. James Erwin says don't let faculty off the hook for campus antisemitism.
Indiana's General Assembly has passed a law allowing universities to revoke tenure from professors who don't promote intellectual diversity. Jacob Lane warns that this law could turn classrooms into free speech minefields.

Tuesday May 07, 2024

Is it anti-semetic to believe that Jesus was the King of Kings? Tyler Cochran explains how the kingship of Christ is a historical reality, not a political prop. 
Is student loan forgiveness helping or hurting students? Daniel Elmore says it's a bandaid that doesn't solve the underlying problem.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is making some waves as a potential presidential candidate but some of his ideas aren't so great. Ezra Wyrick warns against falling for RFK Jr.'s home loan scheme.
Net neutrality rules were intended to put vast regulatory power over the internet into the hands of the FCC. Donald Kimball explains why these rules are still a bad idea.

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

Bicycles are back in fashion but the number of bike-related fatalities is climbing. Jacob Fox explains why cities need safer standards for bike lanes.
Radio may seem like the medium of yesteryear but it still plays a crucial role in the digital world. Aviv Nathanael Phipps says America is making a crucial bet on spectrum supremacy.
Some of the most unexpected opposition to the school choice movement is coming from conservative ranks. Cait Dexter dispels the notion that school choice is a left-wing Trojan horse.
The European Commission has recently chosen to block Amazon's acquisition of iRobot. Martyna Smółka says this is a glaring misstep which could undermine progress in technological innovation.

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

It's fascinating how many companies have adopted woke messaging, even at the expense of their long standing brands. Evan Cecchini explains how conservatives can win the corporate culture war.
Concern over the climate has prompted a lot of changes throughout the world but some go too far. Jacob Posik says climate action is causing more harm than good for Mainers.
Politicians are far more concerned with intentions than they are with results. Brett Patrick has a great example regarding vaping and how bans don't work.
'Green road work' in Canada is providing a timely warning about how green policies can jeopardize economic and societal needs. Lucy Gay says beware of economic potholes on the road to sustainability.

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

Calls to ban TikTok are justified by protecting young subscribers or a desire to strengthen the market share of other social media platforms. David Rand warns that banning TikTok would also serve to empower censors.
Congress has once again avoided a government shutdown by passing a $1.2 trillion spending package. Benjamin Ayanian outlines the bad, the ugly and the worst of that spending package.
The state of Illinois has just made education history, but not in a way that deserves celebration. Jacob Lane says from investing in kids to divesting in futures, Illinois is retreating from educational progress.
There's a lot of speculation as to whom Donald Trump might pick to be his vice presidential nominee. Garrit Blizzard shares what Trump should be looking for in a running mate.

Tuesday Apr 09, 2024

The labor dispute between Starbucks and union workers is a teaching moment for anyone who is paying attention. Amanda Griffiths explains what we can learn from the growing distance between unions and union workers.
When the FTC gets involved in business dealings, we have to wonder whether it's for political goals or to protect consumers. Rishab Sardana lays out why lawmakers in the U.S. Congress are setting their sights on oil and gas mergers.
U.S. foreign policy makers seem to be emphasizing security over democracy in their dealings with Africa. William Rampe says, military aid is not making the African continent any safer.
The Easter season has come and gone and with it the annual practice of making personal sacrifice for Lent. Harry Backhouse notes that one of the biggest sacrifices we can offer up is our time.

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